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Very Warm Hearted Human Being


Shruti Sharma

Dr. Renu Raina Sehgal......Very Warm Hearted Human Being
We all in our family express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Renu Sehgal for not only handling my High Risk Pregnancy with the utmost care but against all the odds going for a Normal Delivery for our second child. Our first child was delivered through a C-section and we were prepared mentally that second delivery cannot be a normal as we have been hearing from all the friend and doctors. But we were surprised and were extremely happy when Dr. Renu in 8th month after examining declared that I am heading for a normal delivery. In the course of nine months, Dr Renu not only proved to be a highly proficient doctor but also a very warm hearted human being. Once again we thank Dr. Renu Sehgal and her entire team in Artemis Hospital for making my pregnancy a memorable experience and for a wonderful gift they have given us, our lovely daughter.