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Thanks for Everything Artemis


Mini Madan

After treatments, Mini started a new life. While all her other friends were getting married and starting families, 

she was dealing with regulating her blood sodium through weekly blood draws. "I've learned to recognize the symptoms of dehydration and high sodium levels and adjust accordingly," she says. "However, I prayed that someday I would find someone who could deal not only with my chronic condition, but the fact that I would likely never be able to have a child."

Laurie's prayers were answered when she met Raj. Together, they are partners in her health and have decided to pursue adoption. She's been cancer-free for seven years and is proudly putting that part of her life behind her, while remembering the humbling disease and how it shaped her life.

"Artemis saved my life and taught me how to live with a rare disease as a result of the tumor," she says. "I was treated by so many doctors that I feel we are all part of one big team."