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Normal delivery and after 17 hrs of labour!


Ruchi Lohia. Gurgaon, India

I Ruchi Lohia delivered my 2nd baby boy on the 8th of July 2011 at Artemis Hospital. I was under Dr. Renu Sehgal for only the last 5 months 

and trust me the experience was wonderful as she is a very patient and happy go lucky person who only calms her patients.


I had a very long labour and in spite of me and my husband requesting for a C-section during delivery she just kept pushing us for a normal delivery and after 17 hrs of labour I successfully had a normal delivery and today i thank her for it because of the benefits of a quick recovery.

The whole period of 5 months was just fantastic and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my doctor and her team for not listening to me and encouraging and helping me for a normal delivery.

Thank you so much Dr. Renu Sehgal.