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Hospital with service!



First thing that impressed me of this hospital was the the friendly attitude of the staff and even doctors. 

Everyone is with a smile. I have gone there several times, during very busy hours and not so busy hours but every time I have seen the team wearing that smile and genuinely trying to help. The front office team is superb, particularly a lady called Vandana. She is like a one-stop-shop. Has a solution for everything. The hospital is very busy most of the time, but the token system (like in banks) is a smart innovation - which tells you how much you need to wait. The token system is also in their pharmacy.

Their health reports online is another interesting touch. I dont need to go back everytime to collect my reports – its available online.

Me and my family have interacted with many doctors in the hospital, and I must admit it is a very good and caring team...over all a very satisfying experience