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In the beginning I was afraid of going to such a big hospital!


Namrata Katyal, Gurgaon, India

I am here to share my experience of my 2nd pregnancy. I was expecting my 2nd baby after 13yrs of my 1st delivery. 

I was very happy and nervous as I was 35yrs and was worried how things will go, whether I will be able to have normal delivery as I had at the time of my son or will have to go for a caesarian.

I was showing myself to a very good doctor in a very good hospital, months started passing by, I was made to undergo many tests which I never heard of at the time of my son. In middle of my 7th month my BP started shooting up, I was hospitalized for two days but was not given any medication, then after two days when she relieved me she told me she wanted to deliver my baby by 9th of may, my expected date was 2nd June and I got very scared, and went for a second opinion. I was v confused going for second opinion in 8th month but I didn’t have any choice, I was suggested the name of Dr. Renu Sehgal by a very senior HOD of a corporate hospital.

I went to Dr. Renu Sehgal on 9th May and told her my full case even she told me at this very last moment you are changing your doctor. She told me that the reports were ok, and we could wait for few days. Dr. Renu Sehgal was very friendly and very sweet, at the very first meeting she gave me her number and told me I could call her any time if I feel I am having any kind of trouble. Few days passed all was ok, n 18th may morning I experienced little pain and little spotting, I called up doc Renu she told me to immediately come to hospital. Dr. Renu came as usual wearing a pretty smile on her face and looking extremely gorgeous, I was relaxed after seeing her. She didn’t leave me for a moment; she kept sitting in front of me on a stool helping me with my labour pains, taking care of me like my mother. It took an hour to deliver my baby, that too it was a normal delivery. I gave birth to a beautiful and a healthy daughter and went home after two days, perfectly ok. After a week I was so normal I didn’t feel   that I had a delivery.

In the beginning I was afraid of going to such a big hospital and whether I will have a normal delivery or end up having a caesarian which is now a days a norm and the thought comes to everyone’s mind, but it turned out to be a myth, all thanks to Dr. Renu Sehgal, who for me is the best doctor and I thank God that I changed my doctor at the right time and God sent me to safe hands. I was nursed and cared in Artemis as a mother takes care of her child.