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Artemis Artificial Limb Centre


Artemis Artificial Limb Centre is the India’s best provider of Clinical services for Artificial Limbs, Orthotics and Assistive Technology. We provide clinical services to meet end users expectation as far as possible. Our team is highly trained globally to ensure quality patient care and create awareness in community by means of educational programs for care givers to lead the change in providing health care. To support our clinical services we utilize the best components and products from the top Companies from Germany and USA.

Our clinical service includes:

We specialize in: Artificial Leg and Hand

  • Silicone feet for partial foot amputation
  • Congenital limb deficiencies
  • Residual Limb scarring and skin grafting
  • Multiple amputations
  • Flexible socket for increase comfort
  • Myo electric and bionic hands
  • Lightweight cosmetic prosthesis
  • Functional body powered prosthesis
  • Silicone custom made hand fingers
  • Breast care

We specialize in:

  • Pediatrics Orthotics
  • Functional Fracture Bracing for Upper and Lower Limb
  • Hand Splints for RA, Contracture and burn management
  • Diabetics foot care and ulcer management
  • Any type of foot problems

Team of Specialists:

  • Praveen Dubey - Clinical Prosthetist & Orthotist

Artificial Limb Prosthesis ExpertPraveen Dubey, Clinical Prosthetist & Orthotist is presently working with Artemis Health Sciences in Gurgaon. He is team member of Diabetic Foot Care Clinic and heading the department of Artificial Limb Centre. He has a quality experience in patient care and highly motivated to lead the change in Health Care Industry in India. He has his basic training at National Research Centre, Cuttack ORISSA. He had worked with the Department of Rehab, ISIC and being the key initiator to develop the first Masters Course in Prosthetics & Orthotics in India. He is a Visiting Faculty with the Institute of Physically Handicapped, New Delhi for advance Upper Limb Prosthetics. Mr. Kumar was selected for Advance Training in the field of Spinal Orthotics Management in May 2001 at AACD, Sao Paulo Brazil sponsored by World Rehabilitation Fund and Juan Monros Trust, Spain. He was also trained at Department of P&O, university of Michigan, USA in 2003. He became the first I-Limb practitioner of India to fit the first five fingers fully articulated Bionic Hand in India.

He has served as a Consultant to National Research Centre, Beijing CHINA and help develop the treatment protocol for orthotic Care in Hospitals.